Greetings from Mexico!

Since I last wrote we had our last port in Colombia, Cartagena and then spent a few weeks in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

Flag Tunnel
Cartagena saw another changeover of roughly 60-70 leaving and a similar number joining the ship for a year or 2 through the traditional flag tunnel

So once again with changeover comes fresh energy from the new group ready to serve on board.

After Colombia we moved onto Puerto Barrios, Guatemala which provided other challenges in itself as we were not able to stay at our berth for the whole time we were there and had to go to anchor for a lot of the time we were there. Although this mean extra work, it also provided us the opportunity to practise our Sea Survival training

Crew members loved the opportunity to jump into the sea from Deck 4, the public deck where the bookfair is

I also had another great opportunity in Guatelama to visit Tikal where Mayans used to live many years ago but due to being at anchor, this mean we needed to take a lifeboat to shore in order to go and visit this historical place.

Crew members are still adjusting to the new culture that Latin America brings and especially as OM ships hasn’t visited in so long many of the permissions we need to obtain are very difficult and authorities don’t quite understand how to handle us but despite this we still see people eager to come and either visit or volunteer on board. In Guatemala we had local people from Guatemala city to Puerto Barrios, about 5 and a half hour drive, come all the way to where the ship was just to work on board and experience what it is like to work on Logos Hope.

After Guatemala we moved onto Veracruz, Mexico and have been completely overwhelmed by the people here. Even at Official Opening we didn’t have enough chairs for all the VIP guests that came, the event room barely fit in all the guests and media blocked the path as our director and VIP’s came for the opening ceremony as they headed for their seats.

We’ve had queues every day, even hours before we’re due to open. We reached 7,000,000 visitors in total on board Logos Hope here in Mexico. It has been busy but the visitors are very easy to deal with and love to share their culture with us.

queue in mexico
Just part of the queue that we would get daily of people coming to visit the bookfair

We also broke the record for number of visitors in 1 port and reached more than 200,000 people coming to visit in Veracruz alone, this is a great way to start our time in Mexico as we’ll visit another 3 ports here.

Another big part of Veracruz is Dry Dock. This is what I have been working on the last 6 months, ensuring that everybody not involved in the technical side is assigned to do something during this time. This may be a Mobilisation Team, a team that heads to another country to mobilise people to get involved, Challenge Team, working with a local organisation to help their work, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, people getting trained in their role of the theatre production we run on board, or assigned to a training course where many people cannot be released during our normal operation.

Dry Dock is an annual task we need to perform in order to obtain certificates that allow us to keep legally sailing and doing this work, although this year things have gone slightly differently. The shipyard we’re in as some problems with other ships which means we have been delayed in getting work done. Because of this we had to stay at the berth we were open at and re-opened to bookfair to the public.

To read an article in which i was interviewed, click here:

Once Dry Dock is finished, I’ll have about another 10 days on board before i finish my time on board Logos Hope. My flight is booked for the 14th June (34 days!). I’ll then be in Surrey for about a month before moving up to Carlisle to join to the ICT team that supports the ship and our other offices in Germany and the US.

Thank you for reading! Any questions, please leave a comment 🙂